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According to Google is now piloting a program that allows local business owners to provide information about their businesses by using, providing your website with a mix of recommended, required or optional properties with values for the, a Local Business Class. A business can now provide Google and other major search engines, with information about things like the businesses name, address, phone number, business location and opening and closing hours.

Recommendation from Google is to provide this information using JSON-LD

Also, announced that Schema is the new way of Google, Bing and yahoo to sort the whole internet out. Its a clever system that will certainly make it much easier for their search engines to identify what a site, or even a paragraph, is all about.

2016 will start very new way of gathering data for the search engines.

In fact, its already working now like a crazy, and if you upgrade your websites using, your business will be on a good run in 2016. Also, the websites that updated their business info using are automatically gaining the huge advantage and higher rankings than the websites that didn’t.

Obviously, when on-Page SEO is done incorrectly, nothing will help to rank higher, not even submitting the information with This is Google’s way to go and say to spammers, hackers or fake businesses “Good Bye”. Remember, its always about if you play their game or not. If you play Google’s game against their rules, what do you think that is gonna happen.

And I know, a lot of times it doesn’t have to be your fault that Google decides to punish your websites, but isn’t it that kind of world we are living in? If you do something that is against the law, doesn’t apply to the rule, you’ll get punished. So it worth it to do a bit of research, take some good seo business courses and educate yourself, before its too late and money in the air.

The problem is that many people just don’t have time for all of this, which is frankly quiet normal. I mean, its almost like a full time business to do all of that just for one website, especially from the beginning, not talking about the mistakes that one can make.

That’s why there are the SEO experts like me who already know what to do.

Here is one absolutely perfect and amazing tool called Project Supremacy, which will mostly automate all of what I just said here in this post, and its coming from the world’s top SEO experts and engineers.

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Also read: Google Penguin 4.0 Update in 2016

The choice is Yours 🙂 Google Update 2016

New Penguin Algorithm Update Since October 2014

Google Penguin 4.0 Algorithm UpdateFresh News for all SEOs, Web Masters and SEMs right from the hot desk of Google. The very much expected Penguin 4.0 update is to be released by the beginning of the next year 2016, and will include some big changes including Real-Time update of Penguin algorithm, so SEOs and marketers don’t have to wait days or even the weeks for the website to rank in the Google’s searches.

As soon as Google’s bots find the links and crawl them, the rank or drop of the website should happen almost instantly, in the real time. Well, we’ll see…

Its going to be huge massive change in the whole SEO game, and there will be many winners, but also a lot of those who will not be as lucky. That all depends on the SEO strategy that each of us use. If you are patient, follow the seo guidelines set by Google, you should be definitely 100% safe, and so the clients and their business websites.

That’s why Its very important to stay updated with those guidelines and always produce and distribute interesting quality content to quality authoritative blogs and sites.

Our SEO services at are precise and following exactly what the big boss Google want, quality, educational and engaging content, relevancy and consistency. All of that wrapped up in natural executed SEO campaigns for us and our clients.

Anyway, hope all of that is clear and that also your website will be prepared, since after last update 14 months ago, for the next huge Penguin algorithm update coming out in 2016.


Here is what SEO news giant Search Engine Land said earlier as well

article below curated from

Although everyone, including us, was expecting the Google Penguin update to happen by the end of this year, Google just informed Search Engine Land that because of the holidays, the update won’t be released until next year.

A Google spokesperson told us today, “With the holidays upon us, it looks like the penguins won’t march until next year.”

The next Penguin update is expected to be real-time, meaning as soon as Google discovers the links to your site, be they bad or good links, the Penguin algorithm will analyze those links in real time, and ranking changes should happen in almost real time.

Penguin will continuously update, as opposed to SEOs and webmasters having to wait months or even years for Google to update it. The last official Penguin update, Penguin 3.0 happened on October 17, 2014, more than 13 months ago.

So webmasters will need to wait and be a bit more patient, as it won’t be released this year.