It’s been about 8 months since we started business professionally, meaning that we started offering the services to the public, the local and international business market. The business is new and fresh, without any influence coming from other prospering businesses, there is no business record because 8 months ago there hasn’t been any. There are not even any massive multi-media publications, interviews, and catchy adverts, simply because we wanted to come up naturally and prove the amazing SEO abilities of our experts at

For some businesses this would be a sentence for the death of the business, but not really for us, and I will shortly explain why is that.

How to break the trust issues with people

trust in the market specializes in SEO, mainly offering Services to other online or offline businesses, who need or want to get higher exposure in their business market, and get it in front of the eyes of the potential customers. So the catch is that we have already done our homework, and ranked a few websites, except this one, to prove and show what our expert can do for you.

It’s something like “results in advance”, even though it’s actually not their results, but it automatically triggers the fact that they can have those results too. You could be talking a blabbing all day about how great, effective and cheap your services are, but nobody would listen, and some people would get even annoyed by that. It’s the psychological effect and from some reason, our brains work like that. But if I can show them in real present time what we I am able to achieve, it immediately triggers the opposite reaction which is, “I WANT THAT!”

You see, the whole skepticism goes away. We are naturally and subconsciously trained to be skeptic about almost everything in this world because the one got to be careful and watch out the liars.

To be able to establish the trust with clients is an important and surviving factor for every business and for new starting businesses it could be a quite difficult. If you are offering a good product or reliable and effective services, you need to believe and focus 100% on building the trust in the market strategies. One of them could be RIA, results in advance, or free trials, anytime money back guarantee etc.

establish trust with clients

Ever wondered how the real SEO experts know what they know and how they seem to be able to always know what is working in that right moment?

I always did, that’s what got me onto the mysterious search engine marketing journey over 4 years ago. Mainly what I wanted to figure out was the one very mind boggling thing. “If I implement the same SEO strategy that the experts use and make big money with, for my website, how is possible that it’s not working the same for me as for them.”

And I am sure that if anyone who is reading this ever tried to do SEO before, would agree with me. Because there are thousands of people today starting the online business based on SEM and SEO, but only a handful of them actually makes a living from what they do. Is it a mindset? …or is it a focus or maybe a personality? I cannot tell certainly, but what I can tell is that it’s surely not the STRATEGY, the technical stuff. If the strategies work for the one, it has to work for the other.

So, please do bare this in mind, that I am showing the structural technical stuff, the strategy which is important to get right. But you know what the successful Entrepreneurs and Marketers say, “It’s the rule 80/20 that gets you success” and it means that 80 stands for the mindset and the 20 for the strategy, planning, technical stuff.

SEO 2016 ranking factors

Website Rankings for Local Businesses

Gather Data, Test, Analyze…

Search Engine Optimization became a very popular type of advertising for the local businesses, the business in a certain country targeting the leads and customers in the particular geographic area, for example only Dublin City, South of Ireland or the entire country. In these days, you can even target just the specific areas of the big city. It’s just incredible what choices we have to get the perfect fit customer for our business.

In order to find the best strategy or technique to optimize the website, and become an expert, you have to be willing to do what the most of the people don’t. Go gather the data, test them, analyze, and implement what is working the best and what is the waste of time and energy. With the huge overloading and overwhelming wave of the information today, it’s very critical becoming good and fast at this technique in order to be a good SEO expert.

Relevancy – The relevancy of the content on the main website same as the relevancy of the websites linking in. It’s very important to have the quality and relevant content on the website, not just to satisfy the visitors, but also the giant Google. In order to handle so many domains, pages, websites and the containing content to deliver the best user-search-experience without hiring millions of employees as the work staff, the had to come up with the perfect solution, the AI Google Algorithm. Their spiders and bots crawl the web, websites and pages to analyze the relevancy and quality of the content, the popularity, and authority of the website, the quality of backlinks and websites linking back, the popularity across the social networks etc. And based on that, Google will reward the website with top page rankings or not.

Schema and cc TLD Links – In the beginning of 2016 Google freshly introduced the as the structured data for all of the websites, not just local business, although, the local business websites benefit from the schema markup the most. It’s also called the Structured Data for the business, and it allows Google and other search engines to analyze the category relevance of the every website much faster and easier,which is exactly what they need. So again, if you give Google what they want, you get rewarded. There is no doubt that this is one of the big ranking factors also along with the links from the cc TLDs (country code Top-Level-Domain).

It’s only natural that the local business website has the links coming from the domains registered in the country such as .US – USA, .IE – Ireland, .CO.UK – UK etc. So Google pays the attention to how many cc TLDs are actually linking back to the website as well. To register the country code top level domain some restrictions apply, which vary from country to country. This makes it harder for the webmasters and SEO experts to snap a couple of authority domains and use them for backlinks.

Local Maps and Citations – It important to have the website listed in the many local business directories such as Yelp, FourSquare, Yellow Pages, Google My Business. To list the site successfully, you have to get it into the Google Maps first, which requires the real physical business address and it takes about four weeks to show your business and address in Google Maps. This is again the smart way to eliminate all of the fake and not legitimate businesses.

Good Old Mobile Responsiveness – This is still more and more important, as there are more mobile internet users than a traditional desktop, laptop or tablet users. structured data update 2016

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