Ok, in the last post we’ve been talking about how to establish trust and how it is important not just in the online digital marketing business, but in any kind of business. The solid trust is just something that creates and bounds great things together. Just stop whatever you are doing right now, and imagine your business where is the 100% trust and no doubts whatsoever between you and the client or you as the client and business. What a beautiful world.

Anyway, enough of the intro, and get to the real point of this post. We are celebrating 6th months since we went public as Global SEO Expert, and decided to start selling our high knowledge of SEO in a form of a service for international, local, small or big businesses around the globe, starting in Ireland. The goal and vision set for this project grows and expands not just in our minds, but also in the online marketplace, AKA “search engines”. The right mindset is very important in achieving great things in life, and it’s exactly what we did 6 months ago. We planned and acted just like we were already there without a doubt, and it’s exactly what we accomplished with GlobalSEOExpert.com.

Global SEO Expert Google rankings

Ranking in 7 first spots for the brand name, not bad owning over 2/3 or the entire first page. Of course, we have dozens of more first-page ranking screenshots, a few of them on our home page. We will update the screenshots every month or two, while the website grows in popularity and in the search engines.

But the most important to have the solid evidence which most of the people require before the trust could be established. It’s a little bit like telling everyone that you won the race which you never did, because if it was true, you would have some kind of proof.

Here is a short video backing up everything together. This video is also available on the home page.

The Journey

Obviously, the similar results or better could be achieved for any website, niche, business or product. We are living in a world where so many people still underestimate the power of SEO and benefits of it. That is why the smart business owners or companies are willing to pay sometimes thousands each month for SEO, because they know it’s worth it for them. And believe if I say, that it’s just starting!