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It’s the second half of 2016 and here are my 3 top personal recommendations based on my own experience of testing and analysing the online market, websites, businesses, and trends that are simple (not easy) to start. By saying simple, but not easy, I mean that if you have everything right in the place such as the RIGHT and SOLID business strategy plan, budget, and mindset, it’s quite quick and easy to make a huge profit from online niche marketing, but if you are lacking one of those 3 things, it’s not going to be easy but rather hard. You could say that it’s kind of a human nature to blame everything around except ourselves. So it is really important to realise this when thinking of starting an online business because this is also the biggest reason why about 95% of people fail in this industry, but 5% do very well. I just wanted to make this clear before moving on with this article.

On the start, every online business requires some kind of website or a web property such as social accounts, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter etc. You don’t need to have massive and complex web store like Amazon or Ebay to make good profits. I know people that are making money just from Youtube alone, and they are absolutely killing it in the certain niches!Just a quick hint for those who want to know about the best resource to learn how to start an online business

Just a quick hint for those who want to know about the best resource to learn how to start an online business, go and read product launch formula review to find out more.

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#1 Online Guitar Lessons Niche

Online guitar lessons is absolutely huge niche, and there is a lot of easy money in there. There are several ways how to start a guitar lessons business on the internet.

Now it depends if you are a skilled guitarist, average, or a total beginner. The 4th option would be that you don’t care and don’t want to play the guitar, and that’s totally fine.

If you are a professional guitar player, it’s the simplest way of how to make money. You sit down and record yourself playing the particular songs on the guitar, in a lecturing way, meaning that you will be playing and actually showing and demonstrating how to play that song, so that anyone who watches that video 10 times will end up learning the song.

And that is the VALUE here. People will pay for your lessons because they want to learn to play the guitar, which at the end they will. And here is the thing, you can be teaching people online, in the present, but also you can record a bunch of cool videos and create a guitar training course that you can also sell.

The one is to use the Youtube to store and optimise (SEO) the videos, so they show up in the searches, and also what I highly recommend is to create a solid website and get it ranked by an SEO agency or experts like us. With all of this, you will be on a good way and quickly make a good profit.

The next two ways, depending on your level of guitar skills, are mostly the same with a few changes. If you are an average guitar player, you can still teach people to play the guitar if you feel like, but probably a better idea is to get professionals to teach them and get paid commissions for each sale. There are websites that specialise in guitar training and lessons, with hundreds and thousands of guitar lecturers in their database, it’s easy to sign up and refer the customers to them through your website, Youtube videos, or Facebook page. You can also find affiliate websites that sell guitar accessories, and place it on your website.

This is applicable for any instrument, the biggest challenge in this niche would be traffic, but if you get to find really solid and experienced SEO expert, it could be easily overcome.

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2) Personal Coach and Consulting

Personal coaching and consulting business industry is growing fast for the last few years, but especially within the last 2 years consulting got really popular in many spheres. It’s been researched and proven that by Federal Bureau of Labour and Statistics, that by 2018 the consulting industry is gonna grow by 86%.

It’s strange, but many people need their personal coaches, whether it’s business coach, fitness coach or life coach, gardening consultant, fitness consultant etc. Now you are probably asking, “Why would I be spending my money on some personal coach?”. The answer is simple: Because you can and it makes you feel good, progressive, or in many cases rich. Types of people that hire these consultants are not the lower class, but rather middle class or wealthy, as you probably sensed. They know and appreciate the value that the personal consultant and coach can give them.

It’s so great opportunity to find what you are good at and become a consultant. There is no criteria on who is eligible to be a consultant and who is not. Only what you need to be sure of is that you know your stuff. You don’t have to be already rich, running a huge business on manhattan, or drive fancy cars, or graduating from Harvard, wear a suit and tie in order to become a consultant. That’s where most of the people get misunderstood and back off before they really start.

Imagine for example “Urban City Gardening Consultant” or Organic Raw Food Consultant”. Do you think it a joke? Not really,

What this profession strongly requires though, is great communication and interpersonal skills and some knowledge of human psychology. If you think that you have these great skills and expertises, that you will make a hell of a coach!



3) Online Marketing Business Services

Well, this is the 3rd very profitable and still fast growing business industry because of the evolving internet and growing number of online users, spenders, and buyers. It’s crazy how mobile market rapidly outranked every other industry in the last few years, and the shocking number of over 70% online activities are done by mobile device users, outranking 4 years ago leading good old desktop, and also the tablet. The Internet has expanded in many continents such as Africa, Asia, and South America, allowing more users to be connected. Everyone owns the smartphone or iPhone in these days, even in poor countries of Africa. On my travels I have seen so many homeless looking people in dirty clothes, sitting aside the dusty road with the new smartphone in their hands, it’s funny when you think about that.

Anyway, all this info indicates us that there will be even bigger growth and that we are really in the golden age of online mobile marketing. More internet users, more profit for the businesses. In the big cities, people even order their entire shopping online with the delivery right into their home. People buy anything and everything online, and it’s a big opportunity especially for the local businesses.

And here comes someone like me or any other skilled SEO expert and Web Developer, to help these businesses to promote and advertise their products and services online. This profession is very new, and there is not really the way how to become an expert other than experimenting, testing and analysing everything. Or follow the strategy of someone who has already done and proved that it works. Because of me being in this business for the last 5 years actively, I know that there are many people who struggle to make SEO work for them, and it could be down to many reasons. But there are a few experts who never gave up and are making a lot of money by providing their services to other businesses, usually we are talking about 5 – 6 Figures Monthly Income!

This SEO and online marketing path requires really strong patience, dedication to constantly learn and big passion in order to do it right and happily satisfy your customers.

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