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About SEO ServicesWelcome to SEO website, We are a small SEO company that is offering affordable cost effective SEO services for our clients. The perfect fit client’s portfolio that we are targeting would be for small and local business owners, starting businesses and home based businesses selling own products or offering services. We are doing search engine optimization and search engine marketing since 2010, and when I look back, there is a quiet good bit of a success that we achieved in a past few years. Because of us doing so well in ranking the niche websites, we decided to start our own SEO service for the open public, but we can only work with limited amount of clients for now. In the past, we provided our services only to the close group of people. It was about a time to expand little bit.

About SEO Service in General

The seo is a bit of a science, but quiet straight forward once you get the whole picture. I will provide a little bit of explanation and information about SEO and what to be aware of when looking for seo service for your websites or blogs. The first thing to look at is, if the particular seo expert or company have their own results that could be easily tracked. To be honest, there are plenty of so called SEO experts, that are offering an SEO packages with just a number of links, depending on the price of the package, which could be very dangerous and catastrophic for your website.

Avoid of Bad SEO Jobs

Usually this doesn’t even involve the proper seo job. I came across many that for example offered the 1000 PR 1-5 links, 300 edu backlinks and 50 gov links for $67 one time fee. Someone would think that this is irresistible offer, but its actually just waste of the money. Sometimes you don’t even get a proper report to verify if the job was done correctly. Another thing is that the links that you paid for sometimes just disappear, expire or are deleted. Or some links could be even toxic because of the penalty of the website. These are just a few example scenarios that could happen, and there’s more. Never buy cheap packages, only pay for the real results. It might be more expensive but it worth it.

Or the other option is to do it all yourself which require a good bit of an investment to the beginning, a lot of time to learn and then ongoing costs. Its possible and in fairness that’s how we and many others started too. The choice is yours, we let you decide whatever you think is the best for you. Businesses all around the world are depended on proper SEO jobs that bring the results, whether its local business or international. For some of them to be able to position yourself, get to the first page of Google for targeted keyword, would mean generating thousands of dollars in monthly revenue. And these are willing to pay a lot to some Seo professional to secure that first spot and stay there.

Are Big SEO Companies Doing Proper Job?

Its funny how almost every single SEO company or individual are promoting and promising 1st page rankings for any keyword, so that they can get paid, here is how it works. They promise first page of Google for any keyword – 1st lie. You think to yourself, that’s great, If I pick the keyword that has high volume monthly searches, then I can get an ROI (return on investment) in a short time.

And you go and pay them, before you even get some results! I am sorry to say that, but most of the time you’d been sold false promises.

But I am not saying that every single SEO firm is the same, but according to my research the majority of them work like that because its more profitable for them, than deliver the results and then get paid. To me it makes absolute sense. I wouldn’t pay anyone a penny before I get at least half of the results delivered.

Look at the way how offline, brick and mortar businesses work. Imagine that you are building a new house, of completely restoring the old one. Do you give away all the money before you even see someone to lay the first brick?

Of course not!

That’s too obvious for people and no one would do that. Therefore so many do this in online business, where’s even a huge advantage apart from offline business. Let me explain.

Me as an SEO expert will get a client who wants first page rankings for his local business keywords. I would say, yes let me do the research and analysis, then I will come back with a report. We put together some keywords that suit the best our portfolio. After this I start working on getting the website in 1st page of Google, i will bring the results and you pay me.

Isn’t it awesome?

You as a client have nothing to loose. All the risk is on me, so I will do my best to get your website in the spot we want. And what happens if I spent all the time and money to achieve the results and you don’t want to pay me? (Which I honestly don’t know why would anyone do that)  I can simply go to someone else and with a use of cool tool pass the results to their site, if appropriate, or just take down your site from the first page.

But I am almost 100% sure that this wouldn’t happen, because what i’m offering here is irresistible offer and win win situation for both of us. And that’s how it should be.

Not many people are doing the SEO for clients the way we do, as far as I know its just a handful, and mostly its the individual SEO experts or small companies.

The choice is yours, I just wanted to explain what we believe in and what we stand for as an SEO professional. If you wish to contact us about any inquiry or question, please go to our contact page and send us an email. We’ll respond shortly, within 24 hours or less.

Thanks for the visiting our website and even if you don’t want any SEO job from us I wish you all the best with your business in the future, because that is what matters in the end of the day.