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Marketing is what keeps every business in business. Having established proper marketing concepts and plans is essential, same as the part of the automation and innovation. Jay Abraham, the World’s #1 Business Strategist, is very conscious about all of the big and little details that at the end create a profitable and thriving business.

In this video interview, Tony Robbins and Jay Abraham talk about the primary factors that make a business thrive or fail, the psychology of marketing and how consumers think, and the ways of business optimization. The constant optimization of marketing strategies is one of the most important things to keep in mind. Sometimes just a little tweak or change of something insignificant to you could end up being the most profitable campaign, in other words, What we like does not necessarily mean that others like it too, same with things that we don’t like or don’t pay any attention to, other people might find attractive.

Learn the most common mistakes that almost every starting business do, and how to avoid it. Also, get inspired and listen to the story of today’s most successful marketer, businessman, and entrepreneur Jay Abraham, how his curiosity and hunger after success got him out of nothing to be one of the most successful persons in the business and marketing industry.

Business Optimization and Marketing Automation by Jay Abraham

The concept of marketing automation is something that every business should implement after they start to grow. Today there are many cool tools for automation of certain time-consuming tasks, especially in the online marketing sphere. Every successful entrepreneur will agree that not doing at least some sort of online marketing is the absolute killer for every business. The businesses that do realize that and start to optimize, automate, and innovate, will be at the top of the game sooner or later. And those who ignore the fact that they need a solid online presence for their business will suffer a slow painful death of their business. And this is not any scare-city, but the reality and truth.


Quick Overview of What is New and What is Coming in 2017 (for business owners)

Miro SEO 2017Even though the Google’s algorithm is constantly evolving, the changes taking place are not that drastic such as the first introduction of penguin and panda. Although there are a few minor changes that we should take into the consideration because as they say “Silent Waters Run Deep”.

One of the important things that are going on is going to slowly affect the old-school online marketers and SEO experts if they do not pay enough attention. It’s becoming harder and harder to rank the websites in certain niches going from weeks to months and from months to even years. It’s totally normal to wait for 10 – 12 months for rankings to show up at the top of the SERPs for some medium comp. local terms. Therefore new affiliate websites can take even 2 years, depending on the competition level.And there is just not much that we could do about this.

And there is just not much that we could do about this. Trying to rush with SEO does not always pays off, websites can get penalized, de-indexed from the searches, losing the months of work. Being careful is probably number one priority for us marketers, but also for business owners – the higher visibility on the internet, the more $€£.

So it’s really win-win situation and in the best interest of a business owner to hire the experienced SEO expert for managing their online presence portfolio. Unfortunately, it’s not so easy as it’s said. For the last few years, there’s been a significantly growing number of new SEO agencies, and some of them hardly know what they are doing.

How to Find a Good SEO Expert

There are particular things to ask that will determine whether the person offering their services is compatible and skilled or not. Some of the terms probably won’t make much sense to most of the people, but it’s really simple.

  1. The First thing that I would ask is if they could demonstrate some of the achievements and results that they got. They will probably say something about client’s confidentiality, but if it’s professional marketing agency, they should have their own examples and achievements in the form of Google top rankings.
  2. Ask about the specific keywords. Use common sense to come up with a few. If you don’t know what I am talking about here, just tell them this: “Can you show me some Google rankings for specific keywords?
  3. Let them explain to you in very short how the to work with you and what they will deliver in exchange for your money.
  4. If they refuse of start giving some excuses why they cannot show you anything, just walk away, there might be some trust issues.

Normally, every experienced SEO expert will take some money upfront and then after each and every month as long as the client is happy and pays. Some of the companies will be presenting a contract for 6 – 12 – 18 months, please do yourself a favor and don’t sign up. In these days it is absolutely normal to pay from month to month, cancel anytime.

Now, you should know your own business value, so does the SEO expert. There are no fixed prices for such services. The amount of work, effort, and resources that the professional SEO have to do varies from business to business, and it’s determined by the competition and business value. There are methods that experts use to determine the estimated value of their services offered to the particular business seeking for help.


YouTube – Bulk Suspensions and Terminations of YouTube Accounts Escalates in 2017

I even don’t know where and when this all started, but I think it’s since Google acquired YouTube from it’s founders. But the mass YouTube channel termination really took off by the beginning of this year, thousands of YouTube users reporting the loss, suspension, or termination of their channel(s) by YouTube Support every single day, without any reason, warning, or notice whatsoever.

Even I became a victim of this nasty sh*t-storm, and lost 2 Youtube channels within 2.5 months, One channel 5 years old, over 250 videos, over a million views and 20K subscribers, bringing in over $4000 in revenue every single month. Basically, all the hard work and money gone.

First I thought that I have been a victim of some spam-flagging attack by some jealous YouTuber, but when I started digging in I could see hundreds of innocent people having their channels suspended and terminated, giving no clear reason WHY whatsoever. For some of them, losing all their business and income along with fans and subscribers, the inevitable HELL!

The Good Things Never Last Long

The overall videomarketing, specially via YouTube, has been and still is the most effective way of doing marketing online and offline. To start earning a substantial amount of money from the videos posted on youtube is(was) considerably easy, without any big investment if any at all. Create a great video content that people are interested in and like and upload it on YouTube.

The quickest way to brand your business and make money.

From my point of view too good things never last long. Probably many people were having a good party and YouTube didn’t like it. Therefore I believe that the YouTube engineers came up with the algorythm to check for suspicious YouTube accounts and automatically suspend them before they even get investigated any closer. And as we know the AI machine build of lines of codes and commands is never perfect and will have glitches.

This is my theory, not 100% fact, but though the investigation that I have conducted right after my second channel got suspended without prior notice or me doing anything wrong.

Then the YouTube channel goes in the long never ending que of Appeals, where the YouTube support staff is re-reviewing those suspended accounts. And obviously, if you want to find something wrong, you always will (even bible says that: who seeks shall always find), so that is the reason why so many, if not the majority, of YouTube channels never get re-instated and get deleted without a chance of creating any other account or channel.

Reminds me a bit the behaviour of Gestappo or Communists, but that’s for another story.

BUT, It’s not all!

There also seems to be a double standard here for those biggest channels and famous YouTubers such as WatchMojo – stuffing their keywords in a description, which is apparently enough to cross the line drawn by YouTube – thus, their channel got cought by their filter => suspended => Re-reviewed => and Re-Instate, all just within a matter of a few hours. For someone the long ques just don’t exist, neither do rules.

I am not really a big fan of all of these dumm rules, but if those rules are implemented  they should work the same for everyone no matter how popular or big the YouTube Channel is.

So, I as an SEO Expert cannot really ignore the Video Marketing from the professional point of view because it’s still god damn important and very essential, but I’ll probably have a little step back from YouTube for a while as it cannot be trusted anymore.

And will do and advice the same for my clients a fellow SEOs, as we are experts and professional and cannot afford to get some of our client’s accounts terminated and banned. Try to explain to the client that it’s the evil YouTube and Google doing the all bad things to us, and that it has nothing to do with our marketing services.

It doesn’t look good even if we know that we’ve done nothing wrong.

What Can You Do If Your YouTube Channel Got Suspended or Terminated

If Your YouTube account got also suspended, there’re only a few things that you can really do, unless you are a big whale like PewDiePie or WatchMojo etc. Write them a polite appeal asking what just happened, giving you some closer information why your channel has been suspended, they should be able to give you a detailed description.

Or, and this is kind of important, if you suspect something or have an idea why that might happened, tell them too.

Obviously, if you know that you clearly did something wrong, (copyrights issues, using bots to gain views and subs etc.) don’t really bother to try to hide it, saying you’ve done nothing wrong because once the YouTube starts investigating your suspended channel, they see everything.

Along with submitting appeal, also contact some of your loyal fans and subscribers that you might have stored in your email, to support you in this matter, giving a word out or anyhow. Put it on all of your social media accounts and blogs, submit a well written Press Release to go to the major news (that will cost something but well worth it, a few people got their channels back after this action.), basically create a huge buzz.

And don’t worry, You are not alone in this!


Video Pal Review


What Is Video Pal and How Does It Work?

In a nutshell, the VideoPal is an online web based application for online marketers of any type and size or any kind of business whatsoever. It allows the user to embed 2 D or 3D talking and interactive avatars on any page of any website. The talking avatar overlays and naturally moves on the top of the page giving your exact message by your choice, limited 2500 characters. It’s been successfully designed to impress while giving a clear message about the product, services, offers, or special discounts, keep the visitor engaged while decreasing bounce rate, and finally capturing their email address in a friendly way.

Is It Like a New Style of an Opt-In or Lead Generating Form?

Yes, that pretty much describes the VideoPal app. Email marketing has been always the best way of doing business online since the beginnings of the internet. Every successful internet marketer or online entrepreneur I know has claimed that having an email list of their loyal subscribers is responsible for largest part of their business profit.

So, why not to spice up the old dusty opt-in forms with something new and not really ever seen before.

What about Technical Setup and Integration?

The guys behind the VideoPal software made really sure to ease up on this part. If you have prewritten scripts that you want you messanger to say, it takes literally 1 – 2 minutes to set up your campaign, just copy and paste. It’s very easy to edit the video pal, since the actual video is being stored on the online external server, there’s no need to go and change the code on the pages where edited video already exists.

The integration with the most common email autoresponders is very easy too, self-explanatory, no additional info needed.

Is VideoPal Really a Scam?

I love this one, a “Scam” threat. But I totally get it as there actually really is a lot of crap and useless junk out there, but you’ll learn to filter those by the time and experience. So far, the VideoPal looks great to me and I will slowly start testing and transmitting some of my sites to see the conversions.

You know, test it out properly and then make a decision whether VideoPal is a scam or not is probably the best choice, but from my point of view, it delivers what it promises. Just need a bit more testings to confirm the stats.

Can Video Pal Really Help Me To Increase Online Sales and Conversions?

Listen, it not a magic pill, so there is a lot of work and skill needed behind, to make this app work. But with the solid product or service and demand, along with some good strategic setup and planning, I BELIEVE that VideoPal will increase the conversions and sales. With a little bit of correct explanation, there is nothing too complicated to not understand what this app is about, very transparent, so it would be really hard to mask it up with some ridiculous scam theory or something.

The best advice, use Common Sense and decide yourself.

Follow the link to learn more about VideoPal App.

Here is a perfect example what to do when someone decides to take an action, and move home business boundaries and entire internet marketing industry into the next level. This video is a couple of years old but the context is still gold, even though I am not being involved in paid advertising on the internet (facebook ads, google ads, twitter etc.), but all the information that I absorbed since following his newsletters and some courses just pays off.

Everyone probably noticed that I have been posting these motivational and inspirational videos on my blog lately, and some of you may be wondering what it has to do with SEO or online marketing, search marketing, or whatever you want to call it. And my answer is, a LOT!

These stories give people inspiration, the hope, and also an opportunity to go after their goals and dreams. I believe that every single business owner, no matter how small business it is, should be involved in personal development in some way.

In doing SEO and sometimes dealing with clients and business owners, I found this very helpful because it gave me an understanding of human psychology, sales, and marketing. Frank Kern and Tony Robbins – The Money Masters