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Business Development in Digital Marketing


I want to share this video of a business development strategy that has been around for a very long time, however, just a few people use it. Viewing tony’s videos or attending his workshops is way much better than any business degree integrated due to the fact that you get the real details, the specific action by action strategy that he personally used sometimes. And that is the difference. In business schools, they simply teach business theory, not their own real and current case research studies.

Find out the best ways to become a leader because leaders produce successful businesses and opportunities in this world.

500 000 new business are created every year, and only 4% of them really endure and prosper. Treat Your business in a different way and you will see yourself successful within a couple of years. Focus more on your customers than your requirements, do more than anyone else and you and your business will become a success.

80% of Business Success is Mindset

MindsetIt’s strange how some people get and by working hard on their goal they easily get what they are after, and some just don’t. It’s not really that someone just has been lucky. It’s about the driven focus on your goals and outcomes just a little bit more than anything else. If it’s 55% to 45% that’s perfect but it has to be CONSISTENT, like a habit. It’s also an example where a lot of people do things wrong, their focus on goal goes to RED 99%, and within a while, they drive themselves mad. Or the other typical scenario is that there is not enough of focus and commitment towards the goal or constantly doing wrong choices. Everything has to be balanced in life, business, relationships, and then comes the biggest progress.

Digital Marketing

Another thing is the good marketing ability. You don’t have to be PRO, but you need some certain abilities to market yourself and your business, or finding the skilled person to do that. Either way, there is some marketing knowledge  involved. The biggest opportunities and also challenges are inside online marketing and digital marketing world for all kinds of businesses.

Just watch these two videos below to get some real knowledge and inspiration towards your goal.

Thanks a lot!

Online Marketing


What, Why, How to Start a Business Online

It’s the second half of 2016 and here are my 3 top personal recommendations based on my own experience of testing and analysing the online market, websites, businesses, and trends that are simple (not easy) to start. By saying simple, but not easy, I mean that if you have everything right in the place such as the RIGHT and SOLID business strategy plan, budget, and mindset, it’s quite quick and easy to make a huge profit from online niche marketing, but if you are lacking one of those 3 things, it’s not going to be easy but rather hard. You could say that it’s kind of a human nature to blame everything around except ourselves. So it is really important to realise this when thinking of starting an online business because this is also the biggest reason why about 95% of people fail in this industry, but 5% do very well. I just wanted to make this clear before moving on with this article.

On the start, every online business requires some kind of website or a web property such as social accounts, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter etc. You don’t need to have massive and complex web store like Amazon or Ebay to make good profits. I know people that are making money just from Youtube alone, and they are absolutely killing it in the certain niches!Just a quick hint for those who want to know about the best resource to learn how to start an online business

Just a quick hint for those who want to know about the best resource to learn how to start an online business, go and read product launch formula review to find out more.

Goal Plan Success


#1 Online Guitar Lessons Niche

Online guitar lessons is absolutely huge niche, and there is a lot of easy money in there. There are several ways how to start a guitar lessons business on the internet.

Now it depends if you are a skilled guitarist, average, or a total beginner. The 4th option would be that you don’t care and don’t want to play the guitar, and that’s totally fine.

If you are a professional guitar player, it’s the simplest way of how to make money. You sit down and record yourself playing the particular songs on the guitar, in a lecturing way, meaning that you will be playing and actually showing and demonstrating how to play that song, so that anyone who watches that video 10 times will end up learning the song.

And that is the VALUE here. People will pay for your lessons because they want to learn to play the guitar, which at the end they will. And here is the thing, you can be teaching people online, in the present, but also you can record a bunch of cool videos and create a guitar training course that you can also sell.

The one is to use the Youtube to store and optimise (SEO) the videos, so they show up in the searches, and also what I highly recommend is to create a solid website and get it ranked by an SEO agency or experts like us. With all of this, you will be on a good way and quickly make a good profit.

The next two ways, depending on your level of guitar skills, are mostly the same with a few changes. If you are an average guitar player, you can still teach people to play the guitar if you feel like, but probably a better idea is to get professionals to teach them and get paid commissions for each sale. There are websites that specialise in guitar training and lessons, with hundreds and thousands of guitar lecturers in their database, it’s easy to sign up and refer the customers to them through your website, Youtube videos, or Facebook page. You can also find affiliate websites that sell guitar accessories, and place it on your website.

This is applicable for any instrument, the biggest challenge in this niche would be traffic, but if you get to find really solid and experienced SEO expert, it could be easily overcome.

Guitar Lessons


2) Personal Coach and Consulting

Personal coaching and consulting business industry is growing fast for the last few years, but especially within the last 2 years consulting got really popular in many spheres. It’s been researched and proven that by Federal Bureau of Labour and Statistics, that by 2018 the consulting industry is gonna grow by 86%.

It’s strange, but many people need their personal coaches, whether it’s business coach, fitness coach or life coach, gardening consultant, fitness consultant etc. Now you are probably asking, “Why would I be spending my money on some personal coach?”. The answer is simple: Because you can and it makes you feel good, progressive, or in many cases rich. Types of people that hire these consultants are not the lower class, but rather middle class or wealthy, as you probably sensed. They know and appreciate the value that the personal consultant and coach can give them.

It’s so great opportunity to find what you are good at and become a consultant. There is no criteria on who is eligible to be a consultant and who is not. Only what you need to be sure of is that you know your stuff. You don’t have to be already rich, running a huge business on manhattan, or drive fancy cars, or graduating from Harvard, wear a suit and tie in order to become a consultant. That’s where most of the people get misunderstood and back off before they really start.

Imagine for example “Urban City Gardening Consultant” or Organic Raw Food Consultant”. Do you think it a joke? Not really,

What this profession strongly requires though, is great communication and interpersonal skills and some knowledge of human psychology. If you think that you have these great skills and expertises, that you will make a hell of a coach!



3) Online Marketing Business Services

Well, this is the 3rd very profitable and still fast growing business industry because of the evolving internet and growing number of online users, spenders, and buyers. It’s crazy how mobile market rapidly outranked every other industry in the last few years, and the shocking number of over 70% online activities are done by mobile device users, outranking 4 years ago leading good old desktop, and also the tablet. The Internet has expanded in many continents such as Africa, Asia, and South America, allowing more users to be connected. Everyone owns the smartphone or iPhone in these days, even in poor countries of Africa. On my travels I have seen so many homeless looking people in dirty clothes, sitting aside the dusty road with the new smartphone in their hands, it’s funny when you think about that.

Anyway, all this info indicates us that there will be even bigger growth and that we are really in the golden age of online mobile marketing. More internet users, more profit for the businesses. In the big cities, people even order their entire shopping online with the delivery right into their home. People buy anything and everything online, and it’s a big opportunity especially for the local businesses.

And here comes someone like me or any other skilled SEO expert and Web Developer, to help these businesses to promote and advertise their products and services online. This profession is very new, and there is not really the way how to become an expert other than experimenting, testing and analysing everything. Or follow the strategy of someone who has already done and proved that it works. Because of me being in this business for the last 5 years actively, I know that there are many people who struggle to make SEO work for them, and it could be down to many reasons. But there are a few experts who never gave up and are making a lot of money by providing their services to other businesses, usually we are talking about 5 – 6 Figures Monthly Income!

This SEO and online marketing path requires really strong patience, dedication to constantly learn and big passion in order to do it right and happily satisfy your customers.

Online Marketing SEO


Ok, in the last post we’ve been talking about how to establish trust and how it is important not just in the online digital marketing business, but in any kind of business. The solid trust is just something that creates and bounds great things together. Just stop whatever you are doing right now, and imagine your business where is the 100% trust and no doubts whatsoever between you and the client or you as the client and business. What a beautiful world.

Anyway, enough of the intro, and get to the real point of this post. We are celebrating 6th months since we went public as Global SEO Expert, and decided to start selling our high knowledge of SEO in a form of a service for international, local, small or big businesses around the globe, starting in Ireland. The goal and vision set for this project grows and expands not just in our minds, but also in the online marketplace, AKA “search engines”. The right mindset is very important in achieving great things in life, and it’s exactly what we did 6 months ago. We planned and acted just like we were already there without a doubt, and it’s exactly what we accomplished with GlobalSEOExpert.com.

Global SEO Expert Google rankings

Ranking in 7 first spots for the brand name, not bad owning over 2/3 or the entire first page. Of course, we have dozens of more first-page ranking screenshots, a few of them on our home page. We will update the screenshots every month or two, while the website grows in popularity and in the search engines.

But the most important to have the solid evidence which most of the people require before the trust could be established. It’s a little bit like telling everyone that you won the race which you never did, because if it was true, you would have some kind of proof.

Here is a short video backing up everything together. This video is also available on the home page.

The Journey

Obviously, the similar results or better could be achieved for any website, niche, business or product. We are living in a world where so many people still underestimate the power of SEO and benefits of it. That is why the smart business owners or companies are willing to pay sometimes thousands each month for SEO, because they know it’s worth it for them. And believe if I say, that it’s just starting!



It’s been about 8 months since we started GlogbalSEOExpert.com business professionally, meaning that we started offering the services to the public, the local and international business market. The business is new and fresh, without any influence coming from other prospering businesses, there is no business record because 8 months ago there hasn’t been any. There are not even any massive multi-media publications, interviews, and catchy adverts, simply because we wanted to come up naturally and prove the amazing SEO abilities of our experts at Globalseoexpert.com.

For some businesses this would be a sentence for the death of the business, but not really for us, and I will shortly explain why is that.

How to break the trust issues with people

trust in the market

Globalseoexpert.com specializes in SEO, mainly offering Services to other online or offline businesses, who need or want to get higher exposure in their business market, and get it in front of the eyes of the potential customers. So the catch is that we have already done our homework, and ranked a few websites, except this one, to prove and show what our expert can do for you.

It’s something like “results in advance”, even though it’s actually not their results, but it automatically triggers the fact that they can have those results too. You could be talking a blabbing all day about how great, effective and cheap your services are, but nobody would listen, and some people would get even annoyed by that. It’s the psychological effect and from some reason, our brains work like that. But if I can show them in real present time what we I am able to achieve, it immediately triggers the opposite reaction which is, “I WANT THAT!”

You see, the whole skepticism goes away. We are naturally and subconsciously trained to be skeptic about almost everything in this world because the one got to be careful and watch out the liars.

To be able to establish the trust with clients is an important and surviving factor for every business and for new starting businesses it could be a quite difficult. If you are offering a good product or reliable and effective services, you need to believe and focus 100% on building the trust in the market strategies. One of them could be RIA, results in advance, or free trials, anytime money back guarantee etc.

establish trust with clients

Ever wondered how the real SEO experts know what they know and how they seem to be able to always know what is working in that right moment?

I always did, that’s what got me onto the mysterious search engine marketing journey over 4 years ago. Mainly what I wanted to figure out was the one very mind boggling thing. “If I implement the same SEO strategy that the experts use and make big money with, for my website, how is possible that it’s not working the same for me as for them.”

And I am sure that if anyone who is reading this ever tried to do SEO before, would agree with me. Because there are thousands of people today starting the online business based on SEM and SEO, but only a handful of them actually makes a living from what they do. Is it a mindset? …or is it a focus or maybe a personality? I cannot tell certainly, but what I can tell is that it’s surely not the STRATEGY, the technical stuff. If the strategies work for the one, it has to work for the other.

So, please do bare this in mind, that I am showing the structural technical stuff, the strategy which is important to get right. But you know what the successful Entrepreneurs and Marketers say, “It’s the rule 80/20 that gets you success” and it means that 80 stands for the mindset and the 20 for the strategy, planning, technical stuff.

SEO 2016 ranking factors

Website Rankings for Local Businesses

Gather Data, Test, Analyze…

Search Engine Optimization became a very popular type of advertising for the local businesses, the business in a certain country targeting the leads and customers in the particular geographic area, for example only Dublin City, South of Ireland or the entire country. In these days, you can even target just the specific areas of the big city. It’s just incredible what choices we have to get the perfect fit customer for our business.

In order to find the best strategy or technique to optimize the website, and become an expert, you have to be willing to do what the most of the people don’t. Go gather the data, test them, analyze, and implement what is working the best and what is the waste of time and energy. With the huge overloading and overwhelming wave of the information today, it’s very critical becoming good and fast at this technique in order to be a good SEO expert.

Relevancy – The relevancy of the content on the main website same as the relevancy of the websites linking in. It’s very important to have the quality and relevant content on the website, not just to satisfy the visitors, but also the giant Google. In order to handle so many domains, pages, websites and the containing content to deliver the best user-search-experience without hiring millions of employees as the work staff, the had to come up with the perfect solution, the AI Google Algorithm. Their spiders and bots crawl the web, websites and pages to analyze the relevancy and quality of the content, the popularity, and authority of the website, the quality of backlinks and websites linking back, the popularity across the social networks etc. And based on that, Google will reward the website with top page rankings or not.

Schema and cc TLD Links – In the beginning of 2016 Google freshly introduced the schema.org as the structured data for all of the websites, not just local business, although, the local business websites benefit from the schema markup the most. It’s also called the Structured Data for the business, and it allows Google and other search engines to analyze the category relevance of the every website much faster and easier,which is exactly what they need. So again, if you give Google what they want, you get rewarded. There is no doubt that this is one of the big ranking factors also along with the links from the cc TLDs (country code Top-Level-Domain).

It’s only natural that the local business website has the links coming from the domains registered in the country such as .US – USA, .IE – Ireland, .CO.UK – UK etc. So Google pays the attention to how many cc TLDs are actually linking back to the website as well. To register the country code top level domain some restrictions apply, which vary from country to country. This makes it harder for the webmasters and SEO experts to snap a couple of authority domains and use them for backlinks.

Local Maps and Citations – It important to have the website listed in the many local business directories such as Yelp, FourSquare, Yellow Pages, Google My Business. To list the site successfully, you have to get it into the Google Maps first, which requires the real physical business address and it takes about four weeks to show your business and address in Google Maps. This is again the smart way to eliminate all of the fake and not legitimate businesses.

Good Old Mobile Responsiveness – This is still more and more important, as there are more mobile internet users than a traditional desktop, laptop or tablet users.

Schema.org structured data update 2016

Webinar replay where the SEO experts and software creators talk about the structured data

New SEnuke TNG SEO Software

So let’s get started this quick review of an ultimate power tool for SEO, that has the ability to automate 99% of the tasks without rapidly lowering the quality of content and links.Can SEnuke TNG really do that?

Can SEnuke TNG really do that?

First, If you know me at least a little bit, you would know that I would never recommend or promote any kind of SEO automated software because they just do not work, only distributing spam, if the form of so bad quality of a content (if you don’t write it or outsource it yourself), also on the websites with bad reputation or red flags, flooded with low-quality content and links.

What good could come out from that?

The times of mass linking on the thousands and millions of fake websites are gone almost for a decade, so I don’t understand when I see someone still doing that. Just get all over it, nobody (especially Google) wants crap and unreadable content, so why distribute it all around the internet, thinking that by some kind of magic the websites will rank? It doesn’t make sense.

And that’s what was really going on with Automated SEO linking tools.

Now, enough of justifying my decision to review and recommend the SEnuke TNG tool, that absolutely blew me away, once I gave it a try. This absolutely controverts what I’ve just said in the previous paragraphs. Well, at least majorly.

Obviously by utilizing the automation software, the more it automated, the lower the quality. But, from my surprise the quality of the SEnuke TNG is outstanding, especially considering that it’s really doing 98% of all SEO work. At least for now, I am not saying that the quality could not get worse over a time, but for now, so far so good, if it’s being used wisely.

Use It Wise to Gain the Results

By using SEnuke wisely, I mean not flooding the PBN or main sites with thousands of links. No matter whether you are a beginner or experienced SEO expert, you have to remember this. You don’t need that many of links to rank the websites in Google. Of course, it vary by the level of competition, but gaining the hundreds and thousands of links in a short period of time won’t help to rank. Therefore, the right opposite will happen, the sites get flagged and deindexed.

So my recommendation is to use it just to power up your PBNs, web 2.0s, and social properties, and not going crazy. Drip feed the link distribution over a time and the websites will be safe.

My Personal Favorite Service

One thing that I love about the SEnuke software is that it’s integrated with the CrowdSearch, the natural boost for the websites, consisted of the real people, the micro workers, spread all around the world, who will naturally search your site, click through and spend some time on pages to lower the bounce rate and give it a natural boost. Since we know that dwell time, bounce rate, and click-through rate play a big factor in website’s Google rankings.


To wrap this up, there is no doubt that the guys behind the SEnuke tried relly hard to deliver the really best they could to the SEO community. The once upon a time the most powerful SEO software is climbing on the top again, and it’s doing well. This tool saves the tons of time, and I can see how powerful it can be if it’s used the right way.

The price tag option is $67/month or $147/month as widely extended features and link-type distribution. For the hobby blogger and SEO it’s probably too much to pay and wouldn’t use it into it’s full potential. But for those who are a bit more serious, it’s no brainer to have this software. And anyone who is lucky and got an early bird offer, they have the lifetime full licence for a one time payment, which again works better for the online marketers, SEO experts and digital agencies, rather than gardenning “hobby” blogger who doeasn’t want to get viral all over the internet and squeeze the maximum out of the SEnuke TNG software

Anyone interested in the software, go to the link below to find out more.

Keep in touch & stay informed!
Miro the SEO Expert

Award Winner – GlobalSEOExpert.com

Best SEO Company AwardIt’s not so long ago since we launched our company and services, respectively about 5 months ago, and yet we already won the Award of the best company in the selected category, chosen by the Cupertino Awards association in California, USA. We wouldn’t expect that so quick, but our aim to achieve those goals was clear and focused. How they say it, “people before profit?” or something like that. Yeah, that’s what differ our company from the others, we are not cheapest, but we always deliver results, with some extra. The consistent improvement of our business and straight forward communication between us and clients is also very distinguishing.

That’s why the Cupertino city in the state of California chose us to be the winner of the business category, at least, we believe that. It’s honorable to be included in such a thing. We truly believe that GlobalSEOExpert.com will be the best SEO company on the internet or at least, one of the best. This is going to be the best year for the growth of our company and by the end of 2016, we will celebrate the success, and so be categorized as the best and most effective SEO services on the planet. But we also know that there will be a thousands of others, that will be as good as us, which will lead to the clearing of the whole grey SEO market, and replacing it with the fresh white, brand new scene. No more of shady SEO jobs and companies claiming to be the experts, when they are not.

There is a new wave of fresh and highly educated Search Engine Optimization Experts coming over the next few years. The competition will grow and so will the quality of the SEO services.

Also everyone can view the Best SEO Company Award Press Release that has been placed on the Cupertino Awards website.

We offer high-quality business services, anyone interested in FREE website audit and market competition analysis, please contact GlobalSEOExpert.com team via our discovery page, or email on contact page.

SORRY to Announce but Project Supremacy WP Plugin is no Longer Available for Purchase!

But see our other best SEO software reviews

Project Supremacy Review

According to SEOSkeptic.com Google is now piloting a program that allows local business owners to provide information about their businesses by using schema.org, providing your website with a mix of recommended, required or optional properties with values for the schema.org, a Local Business Class. A business can now provide Google and other major search engines, with information about things like the businesses name, address, phone number, business location and opening and closing hours.

Recommendation from Google is to provide this information using JSON-LD

Also, SEO-Hacker.com announced that Schema is the new way of Google, Bing and yahoo to sort the whole internet out. Its a clever system that will certainly make it much easier for their search engines to identify what a site, or even a paragraph, is all about.

2016 will start very new way of gathering data for the search engines.

In fact, its already working now like a crazy, and if you upgrade your websites using schema.org, your business will be on a good run in 2016. Also, the websites that updated their business info using schema.org are automatically gaining the huge advantage and higher rankings than the websites that didn’t.

Obviously, when on-Page SEO is done incorrectly, nothing will help to rank higher, not even submitting the information with schema.org. This is Google’s way to go and say to spammers, hackers or fake businesses “Good Bye”. Remember, its always about if you play their game or not. If you play Google’s game against their rules, what do you think that is gonna happen.

And I know, a lot of times it doesn’t have to be your fault that Google decides to punish your websites, but isn’t it that kind of world we are living in? If you do something that is against the law, doesn’t apply to the rule, you’ll get punished. So it worth it to do a bit of research, take some good seo business courses and educate yourself, before its too late and money in the air.

The problem is that many people just don’t have time for all of this, which is frankly quiet normal. I mean, its almost like a full time business to do all of that just for one website, especially from the beginning, not talking about the mistakes that one can make.

That’s why there are the SEO experts like me who already know what to do.

Here is one absolutely perfect and amazing tool called Project Supremacy, which will mostly automate all of what I just said here in this post, and its coming from the world’s top SEO experts and engineers.

Check it out, it worth it.

Or hire me to save you a lot of time so you can lightly sleep because you know that everything is being taken care of by real online marketing and SEO Expert.

Also read: Google Penguin 4.0 Update in 2016

The choice is Yours 🙂

Schema.org Google Update 2016

New Penguin Algorithm Update Since October 2014

Google Penguin 4.0 Algorithm UpdateFresh News for all SEOs, Web Masters and SEMs right from the hot desk of Google. The very much expected Penguin 4.0 update is to be released by the beginning of the next year 2016, and will include some big changes including Real-Time update of Penguin algorithm, so SEOs and marketers don’t have to wait days or even the weeks for the website to rank in the Google’s searches.

As soon as Google’s bots find the links and crawl them, the rank or drop of the website should happen almost instantly, in the real time. Well, we’ll see…

Its going to be huge massive change in the whole SEO game, and there will be many winners, but also a lot of those who will not be as lucky. That all depends on the SEO strategy that each of us use. If you are patient, follow the seo guidelines set by Google, you should be definitely 100% safe, and so the clients and their business websites.

That’s why Its very important to stay updated with those guidelines and always produce and distribute interesting quality content to quality authoritative blogs and sites.

Our SEO services at GlobalSEOExpert.com are precise and following exactly what the big boss Google want, quality, educational and engaging content, relevancy and consistency. All of that wrapped up in natural executed SEO campaigns for us and our clients.

Anyway, hope all of that is clear and that also your website will be prepared, since after last update 14 months ago, for the next huge Penguin algorithm update coming out in 2016.


Here is what SEO news giant Search Engine Land said earlier as well

article below curated from SearchEngineLand.com

Although everyone, including us, was expecting the Google Penguin update to happen by the end of this year, Google just informed Search Engine Land that because of the holidays, the update won’t be released until next year.

A Google spokesperson told us today, “With the holidays upon us, it looks like the penguins won’t march until next year.”

The next Penguin update is expected to be real-time, meaning as soon as Google discovers the links to your site, be they bad or good links, the Penguin algorithm will analyze those links in real time, and ranking changes should happen in almost real time.

Penguin will continuously update, as opposed to SEOs and webmasters having to wait months or even years for Google to update it. The last official Penguin update, Penguin 3.0 happened on October 17, 2014, more than 13 months ago.

So webmasters will need to wait and be a bit more patient, as it won’t be released this year.


WP Traffic Magnet

free premium wordpress plugin WP Traffic Magnet is free premium plugin for WordPress built sites, that will certainly automate your traffic getting method and help to create and drive more totally free traffic to any WordPress explained Wikipedia site. The download and usage of the plugin is very simple and direct. Just click the following link then enter your e-mail in order to get access to WP Traffic Magnet secure download page.

Click Here to Download the Free WP Traffic Magnet Plugin

Website Traffic Strategies

There is a quiet a couple of primary techniques to obtain the totally free organic traffic to the website. A few of them include SEO, link building, visitor publishing, submitting press releases as well as traffic from social media and web 2.0 websites, and that’s what WP Traffic Magnet uses as a leverage of totally free traffic and powerful backlinks.

With this plugin you can set up and completely automate the entire procedure, just set it when and forget it!

Its vital to automate and conserve as as much time as possible on the jobs that could be automated, such as social networks publishing and status updating. Web 2.0 sites could be also effective backlinks, but more notably those are authority websites currently accepted by Google.

Anyhow, although the primary purpose of creating Wp Traffic Magnet plugin was to leverage totally free traffic and automate the whole process, there is one vital thing that I need to point out right here. The blog posts, status updates, tweets etc., ought to constantly be interesting and offer a value. Try to prevent of publishing the very same content on all accounts, just spin or compose various variations.

One more benefit of this software application is that the work is done within your WordPress dashboard. All the appropriate accounts in the one location easy workable and accessible. Simply go on, enjoy the video, download the plugin, have fun with it for a little while and then let me know your feedback, I would actually value that.

Get free Offer free premium plugins for wordpress