Video Pal Review


What Is Video Pal and How Does It Work?

In a nutshell, the VideoPal is an online web based application for online marketers of any type and size or any kind of business whatsoever. It allows the user to embed 2 D or 3D talking and interactive avatars on any page of any website. The talking avatar overlays and naturally moves on the top of the page giving your exact message by your choice, limited 2500 characters. It’s been successfully designed to impress while giving a clear message about the product, services, offers, or special discounts, keep the visitor engaged while decreasing bounce rate, and finally capturing their email address in a friendly way.

Is It Like a New Style of an Opt-In or Lead Generating Form?

Yes, that pretty much describes the VideoPal app. Email marketing has been always the best way of doing business online since the beginnings of the internet. Every successful internet marketer or online entrepreneur I know has claimed that having an email list of their loyal subscribers is responsible for largest part of their business profit.

So, why not to spice up the old dusty opt-in forms with something new and not really ever seen before.

What about Technical Setup and Integration?

The guys behind the VideoPal software made really sure to ease up on this part. If you have prewritten scripts that you want you messanger to say, it takes literally 1 – 2 minutes to set up your campaign, just copy and paste. It’s very easy to edit the video pal, since the actual video is being stored on the online external server, there’s no need to go and change the code on the pages where edited video already exists.

The integration with the most common email autoresponders is very easy too, self-explanatory, no additional info needed.

Is VideoPal Really a Scam?

I love this one, a “Scam” threat. But I totally get it as there actually really is a lot of crap and useless junk out there, but you’ll learn to filter those by the time and experience. So far, the VideoPal looks great to me and I will slowly start testing and transmitting some of my sites to see the conversions.

You know, test it out properly and then make a decision whether VideoPal is a scam or not is probably the best choice, but from my point of view, it delivers what it promises. Just need a bit more testings to confirm the stats.

Can Video Pal Really Help Me To Increase Online Sales and Conversions?

Listen, it not a magic pill, so there is a lot of work and skill needed behind, to make this app work. But with the solid product or service and demand, along with some good strategic setup and planning, I BELIEVE that VideoPal will increase the conversions and sales. With a little bit of correct explanation, there is nothing too complicated to not understand what this app is about, very transparent, so it would be really hard to mask it up with some ridiculous scam theory or something.

The best advice, use Common Sense and decide yourself.

Follow the link to learn more about VideoPal App.

Ok, just to keep this quick and straight to the point. About a week ago I received an email from the fellow online marketer who’s been doing SEO for about 20 years (that’s what he claims anyway), about the game changer software for advanced SEOs. So I am going to quickly review the quality of the software and if it’s worth of buying.

The Ugly PBNer, as it’s called, is meant to be the best SEO software for acquiring high authority domains from the Google search engine, which are already expired but still ranking within first pages of Google for your desired keywords. And these domains are like a goldmine for ranking authority because Google has already authorized them by giving them the position on the first page.

All of this sounds great so far, but I am not sure if it’s really true or just another hyped up piece of software. The theory behind acquiring these expired authority domains is great, but it’s hardly the reality in most of the cases. I like useful tools that save us marketers the time and effort, semi-automating the boring tasks and so on. So when another promising tool shows up, I always love to give a shot.

The overview of the Ugly PBNer in the promoted VSL shows how you just register the software, setup the proxies (as recommended because it’s hitting the Google pretty hard, so your ip doesn’t get banned), and just upload in the bunch of keywords and press run. The software will then go and gather all the URLs that are within the first page for all of the keywords, scanning thousands of pages.

This takes about a couple of minutes depending on the number of keywords that you put in. Once the task is done, it will give you the number of URLs for each keyword, that is ranking on the first page.

Then you scan all of those URLs to get the ones that are expired and available for the registration. From scanning thousands of URLs, you would expect to get a couple that is available for the registration as it’s shown by the software creator in the video.

Here are my experiences and results after using Ugly PBNer for about a week:


I consider myself as the experienced SEO expert-driven by the passion for what I do. So I am always looking for and trying the new ways of how I could add more value to the marketplace. I usually turn the thing 10 times around before I come with the conclusion.

I am personally operating my online businesses in many different niches,from network marketing to the book reviews site to guitar learning and accessories.

I tried to get the domains for 6 of my different niche websites, without any success at all. I run the software about 50 times minimum, always returning 0 domains. No matter what keywords, how many, or what niche did I choose. It always returned 0 available domains.

There is one or another way how this could be. Either the software is being used by too many marketers, so the domains are snapped quickly, or it’s just hyped up software that promises a lot but doesn’t deliver. Either way, it seems like the Ugly PBNer is pretty useless tool.

I will give a few more goes before I ask for a refund. Please, if you have the experience with Ugly PBNer too, maybe positive ones, let me know, I would love to hear that.