New SEnuke TNG SEO Software

So let’s get started this quick review of an ultimate power tool for SEO, that has the ability to automate 99% of the tasks without rapidly lowering the quality of content and links.Can SEnuke TNG really do that?

Can SEnuke TNG really do that?

First, If you know me at least a little bit, you would know that I would never recommend or promote any kind of SEO automated software because they just do not work, only distributing spam, if the form of so bad quality of a content (if you don’t write it or outsource it yourself), also on the websites with bad reputation or red flags, flooded with low-quality content and links.

What good could come out from that?

The times of mass linking on the thousands and millions of fake websites are gone almost for a decade, so I don’t understand when I see someone still doing that. Just get all over it, nobody (especially Google) wants crap and unreadable content, so why distribute it all around the internet, thinking that by some kind of magic the websites will rank? It doesn’t make sense.

And that’s what was really going on with Automated SEO linking tools.

Now, enough of justifying my decision to review and recommend the SEnuke TNG tool, that absolutely blew me away, once I gave it a try. This absolutely controverts what I’ve just said in the previous paragraphs. Well, at least majorly.

Obviously by utilizing the automation software, the more it automated, the lower the quality. But, from my surprise the quality of the SEnuke TNG is outstanding, especially considering that it’s really doing 98% of all SEO work. At least for now, I am not saying that the quality could not get worse over a time, but for now, so far so good, if it’s being used wisely.

Use It Wise to Gain the Results

By using SEnuke wisely, I mean not flooding the PBN or main sites with thousands of links. No matter whether you are a beginner or experienced SEO expert, you have to remember this. You don’t need that many of links to rank the websites in Google. Of course, it vary by the level of competition, but gaining the hundreds and thousands of links in a short period of time won’t help to rank. Therefore, the right opposite will happen, the sites get flagged and deindexed.

So my recommendation is to use it just to power up your PBNs, web 2.0s, and social properties, and not going crazy. Drip feed the link distribution over a time and the websites will be safe.

My Personal Favorite Service

One thing that I love about the SEnuke software is that it’s integrated with the CrowdSearch, the natural boost for the websites, consisted of the real people, the micro workers, spread all around the world, who will naturally search your site, click through and spend some time on pages to lower the bounce rate and give it a natural boost. Since we know that dwell time, bounce rate, and click-through rate play a big factor in website’s Google rankings.


To wrap this up, there is no doubt that the guys behind the SEnuke tried relly hard to deliver the really best they could to the SEO community. The once upon a time the most powerful SEO software is climbing on the top again, and it’s doing well. This tool saves the tons of time, and I can see how powerful it can be if it’s used the right way.

The price tag option is $67/month or $147/month as widely extended features and link-type distribution. For the hobby blogger and SEO it’s probably too much to pay and wouldn’t use it into it’s full potential. But for those who are a bit more serious, it’s no brainer to have this software. And anyone who is lucky and got an early bird offer, they have the lifetime full licence for a one time payment, which again works better for the online marketers, SEO experts and digital agencies, rather than gardenning “hobby” blogger who doeasn’t want to get viral all over the internet and squeeze the maximum out of the SEnuke TNG software

Anyone interested in the software, go to the link below to find out more.

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