What is Your Business Strategy

Business Development in Digital Marketing


I want to share this video of a business development strategy that has been around for a very long time, however, just a few people use it. Viewing tony’s videos or attending his workshops is way much better than any business degree integrated due to the fact that you get the real details, the specific action by action strategy that he personally used sometimes. And that is the difference. In business schools, they simply teach business theory, not their own real and current case research studies.

Find out the best ways to become a leader because leaders produce successful businesses and opportunities in this world.

500 000 new business are created every year, and only 4% of them really endure and prosper. Treat Your business in a different way and you will see yourself successful within a couple of years. Focus more on your customers than your requirements, do more than anyone else and you and your business will become a success.

80% of Business Success is Mindset

MindsetIt’s strange how some people get and by working hard on their goal they easily get what they are after, and some just don’t. It’s not really that someone just has been lucky. It’s about the driven focus on your goals and outcomes just a little bit more than anything else. If it’s 55% to 45% that’s perfect but it has to be CONSISTENT, like a habit. It’s also an example where a lot of people do things wrong, their focus on goal goes to RED 99%, and within a while, they drive themselves mad. Or the other typical scenario is that there is not enough of focus and commitment towards the goal or constantly doing wrong choices. Everything has to be balanced in life, business, relationships, and then comes the biggest progress.

Digital Marketing

Another thing is the good marketing ability. You don’t have to be PRO, but you need some certain abilities to market yourself and your business, or finding the skilled person to do that. Either way, there is some marketing knowledge  involved. The biggest opportunities and also challenges are inside online marketing and digital marketing world for all kinds of businesses.

Just watch these two videos below to get some real knowledge and inspiration towards your goal.

Thanks a lot!

Online Marketing


Ok, in the last post we’ve been talking about how to establish trust and how it is important not just in the online digital marketing business, but in any kind of business. The solid trust is just something that creates and bounds great things together. Just stop whatever you are doing right now, and imagine your business where is the 100% trust and no doubts whatsoever between you and the client or you as the client and business. What a beautiful world.

Anyway, enough of the intro, and get to the real point of this post. We are celebrating 6th months since we went public as Global SEO Expert, and decided to start selling our high knowledge of SEO in a form of a service for international, local, small or big businesses around the globe, starting in Ireland. The goal and vision set for this project grows and expands not just in our minds, but also in the online marketplace, AKA “search engines”. The right mindset is very important in achieving great things in life, and it’s exactly what we did 6 months ago. We planned and acted just like we were already there without a doubt, and it’s exactly what we accomplished with GlobalSEOExpert.com.

Global SEO Expert Google rankings

Ranking in 7 first spots for the brand name, not bad owning over 2/3 or the entire first page. Of course, we have dozens of more first-page ranking screenshots, a few of them on our home page. We will update the screenshots every month or two, while the website grows in popularity and in the search engines.

But the most important to have the solid evidence which most of the people require before the trust could be established. It’s a little bit like telling everyone that you won the race which you never did, because if it was true, you would have some kind of proof.

Here is a short video backing up everything together. This video is also available on the home page.

The Journey

Obviously, the similar results or better could be achieved for any website, niche, business or product. We are living in a world where so many people still underestimate the power of SEO and benefits of it. That is why the smart business owners or companies are willing to pay sometimes thousands each month for SEO, because they know it’s worth it for them. And believe if I say, that it’s just starting!


Award Winner – GlobalSEOExpert.com

Best SEO Company AwardIt’s not so long ago since we launched our company and services, respectively about 5 months ago, and yet we already won the Award of the best company in the selected category, chosen by the Cupertino Awards association in California, USA. We wouldn’t expect that so quick, but our aim to achieve those goals was clear and focused. How they say it, “people before profit?” or something like that. Yeah, that’s what differ our company from the others, we are not cheapest, but we always deliver results, with some extra. The consistent improvement of our business and straight forward communication between us and clients is also very distinguishing.

That’s why the Cupertino city in the state of California chose us to be the winner of the business category, at least, we believe that. It’s honorable to be included in such a thing. We truly believe that GlobalSEOExpert.com will be the best SEO company on the internet or at least, one of the best. This is going to be the best year for the growth of our company and by the end of 2016, we will celebrate the success, and so be categorized as the best and most effective SEO services on the planet. But we also know that there will be a thousands of others, that will be as good as us, which will lead to the clearing of the whole grey SEO market, and replacing it with the fresh white, brand new scene. No more of shady SEO jobs and companies claiming to be the experts, when they are not.

There is a new wave of fresh and highly educated Search Engine Optimization Experts coming over the next few years. The competition will grow and so will the quality of the SEO services.

Also everyone can view the Best SEO Company Award Press Release that has been placed on the Cupertino Awards website.

We offer high-quality business services, anyone interested in FREE website audit and market competition analysis, please contact GlobalSEOExpert.com team via our discovery page, or email on contact page.