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Our Search Engine Optimization is NOT for Everyone

Our goal is to help everyone who is looking for our expertise in the search engine marketing field, but we have to put down a few pointers and reasonable criteria about who we work with and what type of businesses are not a good fit.

If the criteria are not met, we cannot proceed any further, and there is nothing we can do for you and your business. We choose our clients very carefully, and our company always works with a limited number of clients to give maximum attention and ensure the high quality of our services, as well as your company’s ultimate success. So, please, do your best when completing the Application Form below to describe the business and position that you are in right at this moment, so we can do our best in assisting you with achieving your goals and high-level success.

The perfect fit clients who we work with must have:

  1. Their business active, healthy, or having a concrete idea and plan to start a new business – To expand and grow their customer base and business to higher levels faster.
  2. To be in the business, making sales, generating customers already, or having  – meaning that you should be present in the market, perhaps running ads online, selling your services or somehow promoting. It’s just to know that you are serious about expanding your business.
  3. QUALITY and SOLID product or services along with good overall reputation – If we will work together, we have to be sure that whatever we promote meets these criteria of a solid trusted services or product, as we will do as it was our own and apply the strategies that generate massive good will in your market, position you higher as an expert, grow your company and revenue income.

Now, we DO NOT work with:

  • Total beginners without solid idea of business
  • Adult material
  • Money promising “Get Rich Quick” schemes, casino or gambling

That’s only what we ask. If you can fulfill these few requirements, you are next to GO!

Now we will need you to fill this discovery form, there is nothing complicated, we just need to know more about your business or what you are selling, what are your offers, review your future goals etc, so we can serve the best as we can, and get you an incredible results that we talk about. Complete the application form, then we will review all the details that you’ll send us and get back to you within 48 hours with the further procedure and plan.

Thanks very much for your acknowledgment.

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