Fully Advanced SEO

Our fully proven and advanced SEO strategy will give you an advantage from your competition by Owning the 1st Page of Google

Increase Exposure and Grow Customer Base

Your website needs to gain more exposure to get more customers and our top unique strategies will help to achieve that

Increase Your Revenue

And finally by gaining more exposure, traffic and customers you automatically increase more revenue towards your business

Does Your Business Website Need More Customers?

We Do Not Just Do SEO, We Take Over The Google!

Positive ROI

Your business is your daily bread, so making sure to bring in positive ROI is the key. With our unique and completely “white hat” technique your business will generate more customers and more sales. Quickly giving you back the investment in our SEO services.

Monthly Reports

By Us providing monthly ranking and SEO reports of your website, you always know where your business stands. Also we can provide a news updates from the online business market and our recommendations.

Rule the Google

Because of many years of experience with SEO, we are being recognized as the Experts in the industry. Our methods and strategies are so unique that only close group of SEOs are using them, and our company is being very proud to be a part of that fortunate group.


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No matter how your business is doing, it can always do better, right? That’s why we and our company team are here. Its a difficult task to work full time in your business and do all the promotion and advertising yourself, and expect positive results. We know that.

But we are professionals who work full time and only work with limited number of clients to ensure the top quality of our services. ~ Miro Lee, founder of GSE services

Miro Lee Web Solutions
  • 1st Page of Google

    Ok, there is a certain strategy that consists in creating and connecting all important accounts together, properly optimize for multiple page #1 rankings. And we know how to do it!

  • Web Design and Development

    Get a new mobile friendly responsive website to add up into your business portfolio. We specialize at creating a modern and Google friendly web design.

  • No Outsourcing

    Important to mention here is that we never outsource the tasks to the 3rd parties as its many times the case. Everything is being done by ourselves, so you are completely safe and best quality.

  • Social Media Marketing

    Social Media are playing an important part in the whole search engine optimization structure. We implement this strategy in your campaigns automatically without any further charge or fees.

  • No "fishy" Contracts

    With Us there is no contract required. Just pay for our services from month to month. Why would you pay for undelivered results. And if you are on the low budget, you can quit and come back later anytime you want.

Learn What One of the Top SEO Companies on the Internet Can Do for You

Miro Lee

Professional SEO Galway expert offering Web Development and custom design done and offered only by us. Our company is premium search engine optimization company, specialising in high-level SEO. If you need someone to fully take care of your online presence of your business, then we are the no.1 solution on the market. We do not just build a nice looking website and submit a couple of links, or go over to fiverr and buy 20 000 links for $5 package that would just only KILL our whole optimization effort. Our Galway SEO company and the experts have a structure in every strategy and plan, where the main objective is to naturally 100% safe grow your online presence, properties and reputation the way that we figured out is the best and safest.

Galway SEO expert will take care of your business just like It’s our own. And if we can’t deliver what we promised, you get all your money back. We are so confident that our search engine marketing techniques and strategies work that we can give this kind of irresistible offer. Also, because we want to keep our services at It’s best quality and our clients highly satisfied and happy, our SEO agency can only work with limited amount of clients. So that’s why we have to ask for the ONE big favor, that when you apply for our services, BE 100% certain that it is what you want. When our expert starts working on your website’s optimization, Its a full-time work that requires focus and lot of time and planning.

The Google has changed the complete landscape, so everything has to be done differently than 5 years ago. Until now, there are still companies that do the SEO the old way, which no more works. By this, you only put your website in high risk of being penalized by Google and at the worst case completely de-indexed (deleted from the search engine) for not following the Google’s guidelines on how to safely do search engine optimization. If your website disappears from the biggest search engine on the internet, I can guarantee that it will have a massive impact on your business. On the other hand, if you have done everything right by our SEO expert and build the trust, Google will reward you with number ONE place ranking on the first page!

So decide yourself if you want to hire some of those €150/month packages that bring no or very little results with a high-level of the risk of putting your site in a penalty for violation of Google’s guidelines.

Or you hire our Galway SEO professional who will do the exact job that has to be done in order to rank on the first page and make more revenue for your business.

For you to enjoy the best services possible you need to find an agency that has enough experts who will be able to offer you the top quality services. Remember search engine optimization services are very critical in the design of any website because it is through search engine optimizations where your website will gain great access online. The main aim of designing a website is to try and gain access online and after you carry out enough SEM and SEO. You will be able to land on the # 1 position in Google ranking that will enable your website and business to get more customers and sales. As a resident in Galway town in Ireland, it is your duty to ensure you access and make use of all the possible opportunities online by enabling your website rank up in the Google rankings. After a website is ranking well, it will always access more audience that will transform into a lot of customers which is healthy for any and every business.

Don’t put this on a light scale. If you think that you don’t need the complete SEO done for your website, I can tell you that some of your competition will, and they will gain a huge advantage against you. Do it first, and your business will be the one that is going to be celebrated enormous success. To get our Galway SEO services, you will have to complete the simple form where we ask a few questions about your business to make sure that we have all the important info and details in the place, and then we analyze your website, the market and next possible steps that would be best for your business in Galway and area.

Find the Application form in the top right corner of our website.

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  • 3rd We'll Rank Your Website on the 1st Page in Major Search Engines Like Google

  • 4th You Get More Customers and Sales

  • 2nd Hire Us

  • 3rd We'll Rank Your Website on the 1st Page in Major Search Engines Like Google

  • 4th You Get More Customers and Sales