Here is a perfect example what to do when someone decides to take an action, and move home business boundaries and entire internet marketing industry into the next level. This video is a couple of years old but the context is still gold, even though I am not being involved in paid advertising on the internet (facebook ads, google ads, twitter etc.), but all the information that I absorbed since following his newsletters and some courses just pays off.

Everyone probably noticed that I have been posting these motivational and inspirational videos on my blog lately, and some of you may be wondering what it has to do with SEO or online marketing, search marketing, or whatever you want to call it. And my answer is, a LOT!

These stories give people inspiration, the hope, and also an opportunity to go after their goals and dreams. I believe that every single business owner, no matter how small business it is, should be involved in personal development in some way.

In doing SEO and sometimes dealing with clients and business owners, I found this very helpful because it gave me an understanding of human psychology, sales, and marketing. Frank Kern and Tony Robbins – The Money Masters

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