Real Cost of SEO Services

So, how much should be anyone paying for SEO is very interesting topic. Usually, the real cost is always somewhere else and is determined out of a thin air. I am mainly referring to those types of SEO priced jobs in a form of packages, sometimes one-time cost, sometimes monthly recurring. When you check the other SEO companies and market, the prices can vary somewhere from €199 to even a couple of thousands. So where is the real price of SEO?

I can explain a bit how it works.

There are two sides, on the one side there is a business owner, a customer who want his business website to be optimized for first-page organic searches in Google listings. If you are a Carpenter, for example, your keyword selection and competition in the market will be different from the iPhone or smartphone market.

On the other side, there is an expert who will “try” to achieve the best results possible (in better case). The SEO expert knows that you as a carpentry business owner wouldn’t know much about web development and search engine optimization, so they will confidently tell you almost anything that is in their favor. And you trust them.

Unfortunately, this is many times the case scenario. Business owner thinks how €199 per month is cheap, but I can tell something. What you will get for this price is low-quality service, with low-quality link juice. In the best case these 99 or 199 packages will get you for low competition keywords temporarily on the first page and then drop, or get you nowhere, or which is the worst, because of bad links, it will get your site into the penalty, deindexed and never show in the organic searches again unless everything within the site is fixed. And it’s not easy and cheap job to do.

You literally don’t want to get your website de-indexed by Google.

Pricing of SEO

SEO pricing can be sometimes tricky. What sometimes happens, is that no matter how hard you try to optimize the certain website it just won’t rank for particular keywords and reasons. And that’s just reality. Even the best SEO Pros know when is better to stop wasting the time and money on the site that will probably never rank. Its better to move on..

Some people who are very good in SEO and own large and high quality network of niche targeted mini-sites, that are used for the purpose of Tier 1 links to the money websites, client’s sites (these are possibly one of the highest quality links that you can get) are charging several hundred dollars/euro per month, depends on the competition and difficulty of the market.

So the price that you pay for SEO services can vary from business to business. You can look at it the way that the business niche where is higher revenue gain will be much more competitive and difficult to rank on the first page than the Duct tape Art for example. The SEO price is dictated by the particular product price and popularity, which goes to the time that you have to spend on solid SEO job. High Ticket Programs are also more attractive to the sellers and affiliates.

Those are just a few main indicators when pricing the SEO service, the fixed rates for every business and website is just a waste of money and possible penalty risk.

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