marketing automation concept

Marketing is what keeps every business in business. Having established proper marketing concepts and plans is essential, same as the part of the automation and innovation. Jay Abraham, the World’s #1 Business Strategist, is very conscious about all of the big and little details that at the end create a profitable and thriving business.

In this video interview, Tony Robbins and Jay Abraham talk about the primary factors that make a business thrive or fail, the psychology of marketing and how consumers think, and the ways of business optimization. The constant optimization of marketing strategies is one of the most important things to keep in mind. Sometimes just a little tweak or change of something insignificant to you could end up being the most profitable campaign, in other words, What we like does not necessarily mean that others like it too, same with things that we don’t like or don’t pay any attention to, other people might find attractive.

Learn the most common mistakes that almost every starting business do, and how to avoid it. Also, get inspired and listen to the story of today’s most successful marketer, businessman, and entrepreneur Jay Abraham, how his curiosity and hunger after success got him out of nothing to be one of the most successful persons in the business and marketing industry.

Business Optimization and Marketing Automation by Jay Abraham

The concept of marketing automation is something that every business should implement after they start to grow. Today there are many cool tools for automation of certain time-consuming tasks, especially in the online marketing sphere. Every successful entrepreneur will agree that not doing at least some sort of online marketing is the absolute killer for every business. The businesses that do realize that and start to optimize, automate, and innovate, will be at the top of the game sooner or later. And those who ignore the fact that they need a solid online presence for their business will suffer a slow painful death of their business. And this is not any scare-city, but the reality and truth.