SEO Services for Small and Local Businesses

seo services dublin is small Ireland based SEO company, providing SEO services for all English speaking countries, but mainly focusing on local business market in Ireland and major cities like Dublin, Cork and Galway. SEO consist in ranking or positioning the websites for common local business search terms in Google. If your local business website is ranking for multiple local keyword phrases found on the first page of Google’s listings, it means big advantage of being in front of the competition, which also means more business, more sales.. hint: the term SEO stands for search engine optimization The important fact to mention first is that every website needs SEO or paid advertising, to bring the most valuable asset on the internet which is, traffic/visitors. Either one of these can be very profitable if done right. Personally, I never really fell for the paid advertising, but I’ve seen a few people doing very well with that. Anyway, this topic is going to be about SEO, and how to pick the right SEO company.

Non-Effective SEO Service

There is probably no more of hoax, myths and misleading information anywhere else when talking about search engine optimization topic area. Its because there is only a few people who take this topic seriously and dig in for solid and proven to work information or strategy to position the websites in the search engines like Google at will. Also I can still see some companies that have been around for a good while, doing nearly the same SEO as 10 – 15 years ago, which most of all means three things, mass linking automation software and low quality links, leading to loss of rankings and deindexing the website from the search engines, considered as spamming. hint: search engines: mostly talking about the Google as the major search engine on the internet and the #1 most visited domain in the world

Highly Effective SEO Services

search engine optimization ireland I don’t want to bore anyone talking about the bad SEO jobs, but its important to keep a few things on the mind to choose the right, cost effective SEO services. And I also know that probably lot of people don’t really understand what I’m talking about. But that’s fine, because this will be just a short and rough guide to choosing a good SEO expert or company for your business, and at the end I will also talk about the pricing and offer my SEO services.

I started doing SEO when I first time got serious about starting a home business, which was caused during the recession time in 2008 – 2010. Learning how to create a website at first and then slowly tipping away to better future, which was the long way btw. Very soon I realized that paid advertising is like the money black hole for me, so I started focusing on optimizing the websites to rank higher in organic searches. Until now I have build hundreds of websites and invested in thousands to build and maintain my business.

How I do the SEO

Instead of quantity, I rather focus on quality. The most of the links that have strong impact on rankings I build manually, from highly relevant and authority websites and blogs that are in my possession. I don’t say that its only me doing it this way, but its very different from what most of the other SEO companies are doing. Sometimes they luckily get the website rank, but its just temporarily until GoogleBots and spiders come to crawl and check the status and quality of the website.

So my 1st Tier and sometimes even 2nd Tier links are of high quality with informative, valuable and readable, watchable content whether its the video or article, blog post. Delivering the valuable content to the visitors plays the huge role in the website rankings as well, not just from visitor’s view, but also its the important ranking factor according to the Google algorithm.

Down to this fact, the more of importance and attention will be aimed at the websites with high quality and properly optimized content, leading to higher ranking of a particular website in the organic searches according by Google. Simply, if you play their game, you will be rewarded. I could talk about SEO all day long, but it wouldn’t be much of a help to anyone. Rather that that, I am going to offer my SEO services for your business. My focus on which client I take is kind of selective, because of limited amount of people that I can actually work for. But don’t let yourself by driven away because of that. You can contact me with any questions on my email at: and I will answer to your query as soon as possible.