• Daniel Smith

      Daniel Smith

      SEO Expert at Red Rain SEO

      Working with Miro was an absolute breeze. It’s rare to find someone with so much knowledge, skill and pure talent in this business. He always delivered the results I was after, often going over and beyond what I was expecting. I can’t tell you how much of a relief it was knowing my business was in such capable hands. Given the opportunity, I would love to work with him again.

      Apr 5, 2016, You worked with Daniel but at different companies
    • Nicole Lalonde

      Nicole Lalonde

      Elite SEO | Digital Marketing Agency

      Miro has been trained by the top SEO business owners in the world. He truly is an online marketing expert and possesses the skills to effectively execute your SEO marketing needs. Highly recommended!

      Mar 21, 2016, You worked with Nicole but at different companies
    • Paul Victor

      Paul Victor

      CEO at Dominion SEO Pro

      Miro is fantastic to work with and I would highly recommend him. His skill set when it comes to SEO and Business Development is exceptional. The care he shows his clients and his commitment to helping them succeed with their business is priceless

      Mar 21, 2016, You worked with Paul but at different companies
    • Ethan Lichti

      Ethan Lichti

      Professional Networker: helping you leverage your efforts in building a business and increase your income

      Miro is a great marketer and offers intrinsic value for your business. His program and website were so easy to navigate through I didn’t have to spend much time to get a good understanding of what he could do for me and my business. A top notch professional in his industry.

      Mar 14, 2016, You worked with Ethan but at different companies
    • Jose Belman Jr

      Jose Belman Jr


      GlobalSEOExpert.com is one of the top leaders in web development and SEO industry, providing the real results to the Local Business Market. Highly recommended SEO service for business websites

      Mar 14, 2016, You worked with Jose but in different group
    • Steve Magill

      Steve Magill

      Owner, Spider Web Consulting Group

      After working on a number of SEO projects alongside Miro, I have found him to have an in depth knowledge of SEO and on line marketing and he is an asset to any web projects as well as a great personality.

      Mar 13, 2016, You worked with Steve but at different companies
    • Cristobal Garcia

      Cristobal Garcia

      Operations Supervisor LH at Weatherford

      Recommendation Miro is very detail-oriented and produced great results professionally, Web Development and SEO expert.

      Best Regards


      Mar 10, 2016, Cristobal was senior to you but didn’t manage directly