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Your business is your daily bread, so making sure to bring in positive ROI is the key. With our unique and completely “white hat” technique your business will generate more customers and more sales. Quickly giving you back the investment in our SEO services.

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By Us providing monthly ranking and SEO reports of your website, you always know where your business stands. Also we can provide a news updates from the online business market and our recommendations.

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Because of many years of experience with SEO, we are being recognized as the Experts in the industry. Our methods and strategies are so unique that only close group of SEOs are using them, and our company is being very proud to be a part of that fortunate group.


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No matter how your business is doing, it can always do better, right? That’s why we and our company team are here. Its a difficult task to work full time in your business and do all the promotion and advertising yourself, and expect positive results. We know that.

But we are professionals who work full time and only work with limited number of clients to ensure the top quality of our services. ~ Miro Lee, founder of GSE services

Miro Lee Web Solutions
  • 1st Page of Google

    Ok, there is a certain strategy that consists in creating and connecting all important accounts together, properly optimize for multiple page #1 rankings. And we know how to do it!

  • Web Design and Development

    Get a new mobile friendly responsive website to add up into your business portfolio. We specialize at creating a modern and Google friendly web design.

  • No Outsourcing

    Important to mention here is that we never outsource the tasks to the 3rd parties as its many times the case. Everything is being done by ourselves, so you are completely safe and best quality.

  • Social Media Marketing

    Social Media are playing an important part in the whole search engine optimization structure. We implement this strategy in your campaigns automatically without any further charge or fees.

  • No "fishy" Contracts

    With Us there is no contract required. Just pay for our services from month to month. Why would you pay for undelivered results. And if you are on the low budget, you can quit and come back later anytime you want.

Learn What One of the Top SEO Companies on the Internet Can Do for You

Web Development and SEO Sligo

Web Development and SEO Sligo Welcome to Sligo Web Development and SEO Expert agency website, GlobalSEOExpert.com. First I have to say that this is being a quite big subject now, as the new SEO scene is approaching the global market. Search engine optimization (SEO) and web development and web design all relatively work together, but very few individuals and companies do them all, as one service, because as we said, the one depends on each other in some way. It could be very important for the future of anyone’s business, sometimes even hard survival in the competitive market. In some cases, it’s hard to keep the business alive, not even talking about STARTING THE NEW ONE!

Sligo SEO Expert from GlobalSEOExpert.com is the definitely one of the most “make sense” solutions, and we will explain why. Just in a case that someone who reads this never heard about SEO/search engine optimization, here is the quick explanation guide.

Search Engine Optimization – The specialist or expert assigned to optimize the website for the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, will use several different tactics and techniques move the website up in the organic search listings of Google for main keywords relative to the website, product or a business and services. So if the one will type in Google Web Development Sligo, the website will be on the first page of Google between hundreds of others. There are many factors that the expert has to know in order to qualify for the real SEO expert, and we know them all. Ranking with the local business on the first page of search engines is just so powerful and profitable and healthy for the business and brand. It brings a ton of credibility as well.

Web design and development is in the some way important for SEO because the website is built and populated with the content(articles, photos, pictures, videos), which also has to be fully optimized, in order to deliver best results. Also, the type of CMS(content management system), what website theme and plugins, that all matters and builds up the foundations for successful SEO campaign. This is one of the reasons why we refuse to work on one project or a web-site with other web development companies. For us, in order to deliver the best possible results, we need to set up and build everything by ourselves. And that’s how’s SEO tricky.

SEO is a delicate and detailed process, and We simply cannot take the responsibility for someone else’s work, and we hope that everyone can understand that.

Why Just Web Design and Web Development is not even half Win.

The way we see it, is that if the business owner puts so much of effort and finance into building the nice looking website which is presenting their services and products, and also is the best business card for the business in modern age, and then the website is just sitting there being dug under the millions of other sites in the organic search results of Google’s organic listing. For us it’s like a half job done, not even!

We realize that it’s important for businesses to know this, especially because of the growing mobile market and the internet. The time when it’s going to be inevitable to have a solid online presence for your business is not here yet, but one day It will come so better be prepared.

If you are thinking that this is exactly something that your business needs, contact our Web Development and SEO Services in Sligo via our specifically designed Discovery Form.


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