SEO Basics

SEO is a shortcut for Search Engine Optimization.

This is information for people who would like to learn a little bit and understand what is SEO, and what every expert in the field is trying to accomplish.

I would break it down into two main groups.

SEO – On Page and Off Page

On Page SEO

friendly seoOn page is optimization within the site, such as properly written and keyword optimized content, embedding related rich media on your pages (videos, pictures), responsive design of the website (desktop, mobile) and proper navigation within the site (silo structured pages).

These are main checkpoints to on-page SEO. I could talk about each one of those more into the depth and give you a complete breakdown of structuring a campaign, but as far as you are not planning to do SEO and become the expert yourself, there is no need for you as a business owner to know all of that.

So as you see, it’s not just about throwing up some content and publish it. There’s a bit of science behind all of this. And every year three rules change a little bit, every time Google and other search engines roll out their updates which are strongly focused on improvement of user search experience, trying to deliver the best result possible to each individual who’s searching online.

This also applies to Off Page SEO, which I am going to talk about now.

Off Page SEO

Off page optimization applies to everything you do within outside the web property, such as back-linking,seo getting some social proof such as social signals, interacting with other similar blogs and sites in your niche, commenting, guest posting etc..

Basically, naturally building your profile and authority outside your business website, followed by Google guidelines.

And this is where the SEO alchemy begins for us, the SEO experts. It’s very important to stick with the rules and don’t fall into the Google’s dead zone drop box, which is very hard to get out. Sometimes harder than build up a brand new site and authority structure.

For some Business owners, this could be a devastating thing.

Connecting All Pieces Together

So, to create a proper SEO bulletproof profile for any business depends on how much effort the SEO professional puts in to his job. Sometime it could be a bit of a challenge, because in every niche it differs and whether your website will rank first page of Google for selected keywords is up to proper deep research of the niche and a competition for desired keyword phrases.

That is why we offer Free analysis of your website and competition in your niche, to get a clue which keywords and phrases worth to go after.

That’s what we do, no guessing.


The Importance of SEO for Local and International Businesses

As I explained earlier, search engine optimization plays a huge role in whether the website get in the first page of Google’s listing or not. (referring Google all the time because its a major leading search engine and the most visited domain in the World)

And considering the fact that there’s rapidly increasing number people who are searching for products and services on the internet, especially mobile phone users, its no doubt that if your website sticks in front of the nose of your potential customers than more profit follows.

That is why every business must have the website, the hub, to offer the products and services, why they are better and why the people should buy.

Imagine the biggest online retailers such as or Ebay. These two giants and their profit return totally depends on the online shopping. Without the people going shopping online, they would loose 99.9% of their profit.

It’s very similar with local businesses. Here is just one example of a typical scenario. Imagine that you just moved to a new town or city. Your shower break down, and first thing what you do, presuming that you are not a plumber yourself, you gonna jump on the internet and search for plumber in your city area. And you go for the first page results that came up.

This could be also any other local business. Maybe you’ll want a new garden, then you would search for Gardening or landscaping company in your area, etc..

Hope this info was at least little bit helpful to understand the importance of SEO for small and local businesses, but also for international businesses.

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