GroovePages the best funnel builder

GroovePages Review: New Revolutionary Marketing App

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GroovePages Page and Funnel Builder Software

Whether you are up to blogging or building professional websites and sales funnels, GroovePages is the new tool that allows you all of that even more for the fraction of the cost that other software charges on monthly basis. The only question is how long they are going to keep such a friendly low cost entry-level.

But of course, like every fresh start-up company (made of very experienced and skilled marketers though) they need to bring in as many people as possible as a part of the grand opening launch.  This kind of pinpoints the situation here that whoever jumps in now or anytime soon, they will lock themselves under the low entry costs for the future.

We jumped in at the beginning supporting the project like many others to gain full access but it’s still not too late to get in.

GroovePages the best funnel builder

What is GroovePages?

Now, let’s talk a little bit about GroovePages. Its idea isn’t new but a couple of things behind it are. GroovePages allow you to create simple or complex nice looking pages/websites simply and faster than any other app can do. And it’s not just professional looking and fully optimized websites that you can build but custom complex sales funnels too.

For example, just for the funnel builder feature, with limited access, a company like ClickFunnels charges a bottom fee of $97 per month. If you need an upgrade it’s $297.

So GroovePages is like a holy grail, especially for those who got in for the one-time price, but even $99 per month for all unlimited features, including web hosting, templates, mockups etc.

The team behind GroovePages completely rebuilt the old system on which most of the platforms work. Therefore they could cut down all resources and sell it out for cheap.  Built by marketers for marketers.

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